Friday, 15 January 2016

Soap & Glory | The Whole She-Bang

Every year for Christmas I get the big box from Soap & Glory filled with lots of goodies and this year we no different. This years big bundle is called The Whole She-Bang and it comes complete with nine Soap and Glory favourites as well as a cosmetics case, the set is currently on offer in Boots for £25 reduced from £60 so if your a Soap & Glory fan then stock up now.   

The Whole She-Bang includes; Clean On Me Moisture Shower Gel, Sugar Crush The Scrub Of Your Life, The Righteous Butter, Hand Food Hand Cream, Heal Genius Foot Cream, The Righteous Butter Sun Kissed Tint Body Lotion, Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Face Wash, Thick and Fast Mascara and a Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss. I love Soap & Glory products especially the scrubs and body butters/lotions, the cosmetics case is great for storing all your favourite bath and body products in.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Armani Diamonds Violet

I didn't buy much in the sales after Christmas but I did buy a couple of fragrance gift sets from Boots and this is one of them. The gift set included a 50ml Armani Diamonds Violet EDP and a mini 20ml Armani Diamonds Violet EDT which is perfect for slotting into your handbag for when your on the move. The set was originally £37, the same as the 50ml perfume on it's own, but I got it for around £25 in the sale.
Armani Diamonds Violet is the latest addition to the Armani Diamonds range the perfume is a feminine fruity floral scent with top notes of raspberry and passion fruit, heart notes of rose, freesia and lily of the valley plus base notes of vanilla and praline for some reason it reminds me of parma violet sweets. The scent isn't overpowering it's nice and subtle long lasting scent, it's perfect for everyday wear. The bottle is nice and classy not gimmicky or too bulky, I like the violet tint to the bottle. I've smelt the other Armani Diamond perfumes but this one is definitely my favourite.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Skinny Dip London | iPhone 6 Case

I recently upgraded my phone - and about time too-  to an iPhone 6 and more excitingly that means new phone cases! It's hard not to notice the hullabaloo around Skinny Dip London phone cases, they pop up everywhere from Topshop to ASOS and are regulars on Instagram feeds everywhere. Skinny Dip London is a quirky cool brand that offers phone cases, bags and accessories in a range of fun, quirky designs. I was spoilt for choice when looking for a phone case they had lovely glitter and liquid cases, silicon milk carton cases and even a honeycomb case with 3D bumblebees. After a few days of umming and ahhing over the cases I finally order two cases one from ASOS and one from the Skinny Dip site.

The first case I ordered was this cute googly eye sausage dog case from ASOS it was £15 then I went to the Skinny Dip website and order this googly eye hiya cactus case, the cactus case was in the sale for around £7. Both the cases are plastic and come with a free screen protector and screen wipe, I think £15 is kind of expensive for an iPhone case but it was just so cute I couldn't resist. The cases clip on to the back and side of your phone with cut out spaces for your headphone jack, speakers and buttons. Unfortunately both these cases are out of stock I must have ordered the last ones but there is a huge range of different cases on their website, I've already got my eye on a few more. MUST RESIST!    


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hello 2016...

It's another year and with that comes a new set of hopes, ambitions and resolutions. 2016 has just started and when a new year starts many people see it as a fresh start, a clean slate. I recently posted my goodbye 2015 post - you can read that here if you like - and todays post is all abut what I'd like from this year, a goals and resolutions post if you like.

I briefly explained in my goodbye 2015 post that last year was stressful for me so my main goal is to be happier, as a nation I think we often forget that happiness is an emotion and we won't always be happy but my aim is to enjoy life a bit more, worry/stress less. It's in my nature to worry and overthink things and I often can't help it but I'm going to try not to.

This year I would really love to go to Disneyland Paris and Paris in fact I'd love to travel, I have a massive fear of flying but I would love to go more places. Disneyland has been a dream of mine for as long as I remember, I loved Disney so much when I was a kid and my love for it has stayed with me. My sister an I have big birthdays this year and we plan to go together as a treat - if all goes to plan!

Saving is something else I'd love to get better at this year I say it every year but I really need to get better at saving and managing money. I am a serial spender and shopper even when I have something I should be saving for I just have a talent for spending money but this year I really hope to become better at saving. Another goal for this year is to completely de-clutter my life. I am a extremely messy person and I'm quite the hoarder, my room always looks like a bombsite and my clothes tend to live on my floordrobe. This year I need a brutal clear out, well they do say a tidy spaces equals a tidy mind.

Overall though my main goal is to have another wonderful year with the ones I love around me creating more amazing memories with my friend and family. What are your hopes and goals for the year?

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