Monday, 31 August 2015

August Favourites

Happy last day of August! I've had a really nice month spending nearly a week with some family members I don't see that often, I've had my fair share of cocktails and some nice nights just hanging out with friends. I've been to the cinema a few times this month I went to see Inside Out and loved it I properly laughed out loud at parts and cried a few times it's such a good movie and I'd recommend it to everyone, it's a great way to teach people about mental health and emotions. I also saw Train Wreck and Paper Towns both were okay and I also saw Man From Uncle this month and that was good! I spent the past weekend in Glasgow with some friends, we went to see Paolo Nutini play Bellahouston Park as part of Glasgow Summer Session, keep an eye out on my blog to see my post on it later this week. Remember you can follow me on Bloglovin' by clicking here I'd love it if you did.

I love my new boots from Primark that I got at the start of the month and I've barley had them off and for once they aren't black! I got myself some new boots recently and for once they aren't black, I got these boots from Primark at the start of the month and I've barley had them off. They are a hard colour to describe they are khaki/greige if that is such a thing? they have a mid-heal and are super comfy. They cost £18 which some people might think are a bit pricey for Primark but I thought that was reasonable as boots like this would be more expensive in any other high street store, they also come in black so I might have to go back for them.

I can't believe I'm talking about hangers on my blog, I'm mentioning clothes hangers in my monthly favourites is this a bit sad? Am I a grown up now? (No and no BTW) I bloody love these hangers from Primark for £3.80 you can pick up a 10 pack of nonslip velvet hangers, there is a range of colours to choose from but I like the black best. I love these hangers because they are so thin and not bulky in the slightest so they don't take up much room plus they are non-slip your clothes will stay put. I also picked up an accessories hanger from Primark for £1.50, it's a handy thing to have as you can use it for anything like belts, jewellery and bags.

I've been using my Real Techniques Sculpting Brushes pretty much daily this month, the fan brush is perfect for apply highlighter on my cheekbones, the sculpting brush makes contouring really easy as it buffs the powder in really well. I love the setting brush for blending and setting concealer it gives a great finish, the set is defiantly worth the £20.99 price tag.

First hangers now shampoo and conditioner... I use to love TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo and Conditioner, I wouldn't use anything else but for some reason I stopped buying it. I hadn't used it in a long time when I spotted the 750ml bottles on offer for only £2.47 each in Superdrug so I decided to pick up a bottle of each and since using it I've fallen back in love with it - I've even went back and stopped up on them! This shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair with volume and bounce without feeling heavy or weighed down, I really love this shampoo and conditioner.
I've been using my B. Makeup Brush Cleanser £4.99 a lot this month, I keep it on my bedside table and it comes in so handy for freshening up my makeup brushes between washes. You can read my full post on the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser hereWell that's everything I've been loving this month, what have you been loving this month?


Friday, 28 August 2015

Smell Like Summer

Summer is on the way out well it barely arrived apart from the few odd days but lets not dwell on that! When going to T in the Park last month a women on the bus sprayed this body mist from The Body Shop and I instantly loved it, I felt like the bus had been transported into summer and wanted to get my hands on it! The smell just reminds me of summer it's a light, fresh, floral scent saying that I think if you went a bit crazy when spraying it then it would be a bit overpowering. I love this for just chucking in my bag and spraying throughout the day, the smell isn't that long lasting which is the down side but that's to be expected from a body mist.
The body mist comes in a glass bottle that is surprisingly sturdy I think it would take a lot for the bottle to smash so I don't have any problems with this lying in the bottom of my handbag. For £7.50 you get 100ml of product which is on the pricey side of things when it comes to a body mist but as I only use a few sprays at a time I'm hoping it will last reasonably well. On a side note because this is such a fresh scent it would double up as a room spray too.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette


Last week I posted about the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette and you might remember me saying that I actually bought two eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution so today I'm going to share with you the second one. The Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Flawless Palette costs £8 and comes packaged in a sleek plastic black case with a click shut lid that locks into place and inside is a large mirror along with a plastic film with all the shade names over the 32 eye shadows. Yup you read that right 32 eye shadows for £8 now that's value for money!

The colour range in this palette is great you've got lots of different shades from neutral shades to stunning rusty reds, golds and even an olive one -you're spoilt for choice with shades perfect for a statement eye, smoky eye and natural everyday looks. Most of the eyeshadows are smooth and easy to blend with minimal fall out I found a few of the shades harder to blend and some of the shades need to be built up but overall this palette is a hit. Personally I'd have liked a few more mattes in the palette as most of the palette is made up of shimmers with just the odd matte shade. Overall the Flawless palette is a hit for £8 it's great value for money with a good range of colours for creating lots of different looks.


Monday, 24 August 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer

A while ago I posted about the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and raved about it you can read that post here, because I loved the foundation so much I thought I'd try the primer that goes with it. The L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer is £7.99 and can be found usually right next to the foundation, the packaging is pretty much identical it's a squeezy tube with a nozzle, you can see into the tube so you know when you're running out of product. The primer claims to lock in shine and enhance your foundation, you simply smooth a small amount onto your skin working it out the way before you apply your base.
I really like the foundation I think it's great so I had high hopes for the primer but unfortunately it just wasn't right for me. The texture is great it feels like a gel and it blends into my skin well leaving it feeling smooth and look matte, it feels like I have nothing on my skin sadly though it really dried my skin out after a few days of using it I found my skin had become really dry and a little rough. I think if you have oily skin this would be good but I have sensitive combination skin and this is just too drying for me - knowing this now I would only use the primer every now and then so it doesn't get the chance to dry out my skin so for me this isn't a daily primer. Overall it's a nice primer but it's not the best if you have dry skin I'd stay clear but if you have oily skin this might work well for you.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

B Makeup Brush Cleanser

Cleaning makeup brushes is a chore right? Especially when you have a gazillion makeup brushes to wash, before you know it you've spent over an hour washing and rinsing and your left with wrinkly hands. Step forward the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser to cheat yourself to clean brushes with just a couple of sprays. The B. Makeup Brush Cleanser is a super fast and easy way to give your brushes a quick clean and condition, for £4.99 it's much cheaper than some other brands and it does exactly what it says on the tin (well bottle).
The B. Makeup Brush Cleanser is so handy for at home and away, it's a quick clean method for your brushes that removes left over product and sanitises your brushes in a couple of seconds. I simply spray two or three pumps onto a tissue, cotton pad or dry cloth then swirly my brush in the spray to remove any product leaving my brush clean and soft. I find it particularly great with eye shadow brushes because we've all been there trying to create a nice eyeshadow look but reaching for a brush to apply a shade and finding you have no clean brushes but this makeup brush cleanser sorts it out in seconds giving you a nice clean brush. I still wash my makeup brushes regularly giving them a good deep clean but the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser is a great find, it comes in really handy for between washes - now there's no excuse for dirty brushes!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1

Makeup Revolution is a brand I've heard lots of things about but never really bought anything other than a lipstick, I would often pop into Superdrug and get lost looking at all the gorgeous palettes but could never decide what to buy. Finally while browsing round Superdrug I decided to buy two makeup palettes because I couldn't choose between them today though I'm going to tell you all about one of the palettes I bought, the Iconic Pro 1. The palette comes in a black cardboard box that opens to reveal the slim black palette the lid is matte with rose gold writing, the palette opens to reveal the 16 shades covered with a plastic film with the shade names, a full sized mirror and a doubled ended brush which makes this perfect for traveling.

The Iconic Pro 1 Palette is a gorgeous eye shadow palette that contains 16 wearable eye shadows shades in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, you can create stunning smoky eye looks and natural everyday simple eye shadow from this palette. All the eyeshadows are great quality with good colour pay off that can be built up to create a stronger look, the shadows are easily blended with minimal fall out from both the matte and shimmer shades. I think the Iconic Pro 1 Palette is incredible value for £6.99 sure they palette doesn't look luxurious - with the shade names on a plastic film rather than embossed under the shades - but there really isn't anything to moan about. I believe people regard this as a dupe for the Lorac Pro Palette but I can't compare it to the Lorac Pro Palette as I don't own it but I do think this palette rivals more expensive brands. The brush you get with the palette is okay it's nothing to rave about but the fluffy end is rather good although I do prefer to stick with my favourite Real Techniques eye shadow brushes, it's a handy little extra but I wouldn't mind if the palette came without it. The shades are all gorgeous and wearable so this palette ticks all the boxes!

Have you used Makeup Revolution before? Do you have any palettes? Let me know in the comments below. Come back next Wednesday for my review of the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette - actually come back before then follow me on Bloglovin' to stay up to date with all my posts.


Friday, 7 August 2015

Going Out Out | Get Ready With Me




I don't think I've ever done a get ready with me blog post before but I love reading and watching GRWM posts so I thought I'd finally do one. I went on a night out the last weekend (my first proper one since April) and decided this was the perfect opportunity to do a GRWM post so keep on reading if you want to see how I got ready to go out out.
I started by moisturising my body using Sanctuary Spa Luxurious Body Butter before moisturising my face and neck with Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser, once my moisturiser had sunk in I applied Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer all over my face before starting on my makeup for my base I used Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation as I wanted a flawless looking base that stayed put. Next I started on my brows (that are currently in desperate need of threading) I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in dark brown and my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Brush to shape, define and fill in my brows then I took Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara to set them in place. For my eyes I first applied Maybelline Colour Tattoo in creamy beige all over my lid then I used Bourjois Little Round Pot in the shade beige rose into the inner corner and brow bone then in the outer corner and crease I used Urban Decay eye shadow in dark horse, I lined my upper lid and using Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner I used Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in rich brown to define my bottom lid. Because I was going on a night out I applied some fake eyelashes I used Eylure Enchanted Poise Strip Lashes to give me fuller looking lashes without looking over the top once the lashes had set I used Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara to make them really stand out. After I had done my eye makeup I used Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer under my eyes to tidy up and give a flawless finish I love this concealer as it hides bags but also illuminates, I then went in with some Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder to set the concealer. For giving my face some definition to use Maybelline Master Contour in medium/dark and apply it to the hollows of my cheek and work it up to my temples and over my forehead using my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush then I used MUA  Highlighting Powder to highlight before finishing my makeup I used Lime Crime Velvetine Lipstick in Riot. I set everything in place with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray before moving on to my hair, I washed my hair the night before and put some Bleach London Swamp Spritz to it my hair is fine so freshly washed hair doesn't sit great the salt spray gives my hair so much texture and volume then I used Charles Worthington Texturising Spray to give my hair some extra oomph. Lastly the finishing touches come in the form of a couple of spritz of Boss Nuit. 
After that long winded process I was finally ready to go out, if you've made it to the end of this post well done you it's turned out really long and photo heavy so 5 Terri points to you! Thanks for reading my GRWM post and remember you can use Bloglovin' to follow my blog and never miss a post.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Lime Crime Veletines Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some Velvetine lipsticks from Lime Crime after umming and ahhing for a day or so trying to decide what to colours to buy I decided on Bleached and Riot. I placed my order late on the Sunday evening and it arrived on the Friday afternoon which I thought was pretty fast considering it's coming from America, the lipsticks come in a little box that once opened reveals a gorgeous reversible floral box with lots of yellow tissue. The delivery/shipping cost is $10 around £6.50 and the lipsticks are priced at $20 each around £12/13 so they are middle of the road prices similar to MAC. The lipsticks are packaged like a lip gloss in a frosted tube with a red rose designed lid, they also apply like a lip gloss with the doe foot applicator.
The lipsticks go on wet but rapidly dry locking to your lips and drying matte, I find it's best to moisturise your lips before using them so your lips don't feel dry but once the lipstick dries the product feels lightweight on your lips. The colour payoff is great you get strong long lasting colour and I found the lipsticks lasted for around 5 hours which is great wear time but if I eat then I need to reapply - which I was I expect from most lipsticks. Out of the 14 shades available I went for safer wearable shades, Bleached is a peachy neutral and Riot is a earthy muted pinky brown (not the best description I know). I really like the Lime Crime Velvetines and I would buy from them again, the product is great and the service was fast you can't really ask for more than that can you.

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