Monday, 6 July 2015

Carmex Tinted Lip Balm

I think I may have found the best tinted lip balm ever, bold statement I know but I've finally found a tinted lip balm that I love. Tinted lip balms are a hard thing to get right because you want a decent colour pay off but you still want the balm effect and at this time of year I'm always looking for one with SPF and I think I've found the perfect all rounder. I recently discovered Carmexs range of tinted lip balms on offer in Superdrug at just £2.99 and thought what the hell I'll give it a try, I'd been searching around Boots and Superdrug looking for a tinted lip balm with SPF that would see my through summer and festivals for ages now and had no luck - it's harder to find than you think.

The Carmex Tinted Lip Balms retail at £4.49 so still affordable when not on offer, the lip balms come in a plastic cylinder case that's not that sturdy but we'll let that slide and they have the signature Carmex smell and tingle. The two shades I picked up are berry and peach, the berry shade is a red that packs a punch for a tinted lip balm and the peach that leaves a sheer peach tint to the lips. The formal of these lip balms are great they contain vitamin e, aloe, shea butter and contain SPF 15 so protect your lips from the sun as well as giving you a hint of moisture, colour and shine.

These lip balms are great for easily slotting into your pocket or makeup bag and will be really handy for festivals because they contain SPF, they have a slanted tip so it's easy to apply and the formula makes for it just to glide on. As it's a tinted lip balm the colour doesn't last a long as a lipstick which is to be expected but that's nothing to grumble about, the berry shades leaves slight lip liner effect when it wears off but that soon goes when you reapply. You can probably tell that I love these tinted lip balms as I can't stop raving about them, good job Carmex!


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