Thursday, 10 December 2015

Edinburgh at Chistmas


Edinburgh knows how to to Christmas! With the German Market and Winter Wonderland filling up the Princes Street Gardens and the stunning Dome on George Street the city screams Christmas. I've been to Edinburgh at Christmas time a lot over the last few years and I'm always blown away by how festive it is, I love the German market especially the food stalls! On Sunday just past my mum, sister and I braved a super busy Edinburgh for a Christmas Day out and some Christmas shopping, we started out by walking around winter wonderland and browsing the stalls before stopping for delicious cheese pretzel.

After buying some cheese and other bits and bobs we grabbed a burger at the market and then we headed up Princes Street for some serious shopping and spent most of the afternoon in and out of shops and fitting rooms before we stopped for a much needed Costa. After being in the shops for ages it soon turned dark and we took a walk up to the dome to see the gorgeous Christmas lights. Our trip to Edinburgh made me feel really festive and I love looking at all the photos I took. I hope your in the Christmas spirit!


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