Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015...

2015 has been a mixed year for me it certainly wasn't the best year for me, it was a very stressful and unhappy year for me at times but it confirmed that I have the best people around me who put up with me even when I wasn't a very nice person. At the beginning of the year I got some bad news to do with my job that really flipped my world on its head and let's just say I didn't cope that well, things were up in the air for the best part of the year and my stress levels were through the roof. Everything is a bit better now and things are a working progress but 2015 saw my anxiety come back and be the worst it had been for a long time. 

On the other hand while my anxiety was bad and my mind was getting the better of me I still had some great times with my friends and family. From trips to the beach, the zoo, nights out, gigs and festivals I had many laughs and great times. I didn't accomplish much or any of what I had hoped but that's life! My resolutions never stuck, let's be honest they never stood a chance (they never do!). 

Here's hoping 2016 holds good memories! I hope you all had a great year and have a fantastic 2016, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog (especially the posts where I ramble, a bit like this one) and a thank you if you follow me on Bloglovin or GFC. Have a great time bringing in the new year whatever you do.  


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