Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Life Lately...

I've finally found a moment to sit down and write this post, I'd say sit down in peace but I've got the cat leaning into me trying to creep in for cuddles! If your a regular reader or a follow of my blog - thank you!- you'll have probably noticed I've been a bit MIA recently and my posts haven't been as frequent as normal actually they've been non-existent the last couple of weeks.
October has been a busy month, I turned 24, my nan turned 70 and I've been really busy and stressed with work mix that with a broken laptop and there's been no time to squeeze in blogging. I'll be honest even if there was I haven't been in the mood - lets just say I don't deal with stress well. I'm not making excuses for myself or going to apologise for not being in the mood to blog because you probably don't want to hear it and that's just life I don't want to dwell on it! I didn't want to rush and publish half arsed posts for you guys to read but I now have a new laptop (YAY) and I'm in a better mood so I'm ready to start posting again.
In fact my first post is tomorrow and it's all about coconut oil, I'll hopefully get my October favourites up then get back to posting more frequently. I just want to say thanks for sticking with my blog while it's been a little quiet.

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