Saturday, 31 October 2015

October Favourites

It's that old cliche again but hasn't time flown, it's the last day of October (happy Halloween) and I feel like the month only just started! October has been a busy, fun and stressful month for me, I turned a year older, I celebrated my nan turning 70 and I had change at work to adapt to - I'm not the best at dealing with change. Here are my favourites from the past month!

Everybody needs a Phil Dunphy in their life and I've been getting mine by watching a ton of Modern Family. My sister bought me seasons 1-6 for my birthday and I've not stopped watching it,  I'd seen the first two seasons or so of it and loved it but then missed the rest. I'd recommend Modern Family to everyone it's really funny and often has touching moments, you can watch it time and time again.

I bought this bag in September from Accessorize for £25 to go with a pair of boots and it's fast become my daily handbag. I like that it's big enough to hold all my crap but it still has that slouchy look, I'm normally a black bag person but this goes with everything. I'm glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and bought it.


I blooming love these biscuits! I haven't had them in ages and then I saw them in ASDA and had to have them, I only ever buy the white chocolate ones as they are my favourite and I might be guilty of eating the whole packet in about a day but their just so good.

I'm nearly at the end of my Lush Roots Hair Treatment because I've been using it so much, I love using it to give my hair a bit more oomph! This 20 minuet hair treatment leaves my hair feeling healthy, nourished plus it fills the bathroom with a lovely fruity/minty smell.
This month I've been super stressed and it's played havoc with my skin so I've been mixing up my skincare in the hope of saving my skin. I've spoke about the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion from The Body Shop before on my blog because I really like it, this helps reduce redness and fight blemishes. The lotion is light weight and dries matte so your skin doesn't feel covered in product, it tingles slightly when you apply it and feels cooling on your face. When ever I use this I see a difference in my skin with blemishes less red and starting to fade.
Those are my October favourites, I hope you've had a great month. What have you been loving? 


  1. Oh i'll have to watch modern family, i never have and it sound great!

    Our Blog // FloralsAndCoralsx

    1. You really should, it's really good x

  2. I love that bag! Those chocolate fingers sound so good, love white chocolate! I have really been loving Instagram at the moment x

    1. Thanks! I wasn't too sure if I should get the bag or not as I'm more of a black bag person but I love it. X


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