Monday, 4 May 2015

Morning Skincare Routine

When it comes to my morning skincare routine I don't really have an in depth routine that I religiously follow mainly because I'm often tired or rushed in the morning and don't fancy going through a long winded routine. Every morning I wash my face with water and use a cloth to remove anything left of my skin from my evening skincare, the cloth also gives a gental exfolation then I splash my face with cold water and that helps wake me up. Then if my lips are feeling a little dry or worse for wear I'll use my Lush Lip Scrub £5.50 to buff away the dead skin and leave them feeling soft.

Then it's time to moisturise I start with the Super Facialist By Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brightening Glow Boost Serum £15.99 to give my skin a radiance boost and its got a nice orange smell. I let that sink it and dry which doesn't take long I usually eat my breakfast and its done then I'll apply my day cream. Lately I've been using Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser £6.99 because it's not too heavy, hydrates my skin without it feeling greasy or oily and it also contains SPF 15. My evening skincare routine will be up on my blog on Friday if you want to check back and see it.


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