Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Revlon Creamy Blush

You might have see this blusher in my recent mini beauty haul post and I've been trying it out since then and I've been disappointed with it. The blush is really creamy, blends well and can be applied and blended with your fingers or a brush all's well with it so far but my problem lies with the colour, it's so sheer. In the pot it's a gorgeous shade of orange shade but once applied it's very sheer and leaves a very faint tint on the cheeks almost nothing it has very little impact, not that I expected. You can build it up to be a little brighter but it still is sheer and looks nothing like the gorgeous vibrant shade you see in the pot which is such a shame. 

I can only speak for the shade I have -pinched 100- but I wouldn't buy anymore shades from the range based on this one. It's such a shame because it looks so nice in the pot and applies well but it doesn't do what I wanted and expected it to do. Have you tried this blush or any of the other shades?


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