Monday, 20 July 2015

Dove Hair Oxygen Root Lift Spray

Another product with an insanely long name! I have fine flat hair and I'm always craving volume that stays around often many products give you great volume but after a few hours my hairs back to being flat again so I bought this while it was on offer to try it out. The spray claims to lift the roots giving volume and body to your hair leaving it looking fuller, you simply spray 10-12 pumps into your roots from ear to ear on dry or damp hair, massage it in then style as normal. I thought 10-12 pumps sounded like a lot but I went with it and it worked, the spray instantly gave my roots a boost and added volume to my hair.

Unlike a lot of products this didn't feel heavy or sticky in my hair but it did leave a bit of sticky feeling on my hands. I sprayed around 12 pumps on damp hair all over my roots and worked it in with my hands before brushing it through and blow drying, I could instantly see a difference my hair had more height and volume. The nozzle makes it easy for you to target your roots with the spray and it's scentless so you won't be left with a lingering smell all day. It's great for if you want a boost for your hair, especially if you have fine/flat hair as this wont weigh it down.

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