Monday, 13 July 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

I caved. After lusting over the gorgeous Real Techniques Bold Metals collection since they came out I finally caved in and bought some after Boots sent me a 25% off any beauty accessories voucher (it would be rude not to right?!). I bought myself the Flat Contour 301 Brush £22 and the Oval Shadow 200 Brush £15 as those were the two brushes I liked the look of most and would get the most use of. I'm a big Real Techniques fan I use RT brushes on a daily basis and they make up 90% of my brush collection. The Bold Metals collection is Real Techniques premium brush collection and is more expensive than their standard brushes. The brushes are beautiful they are weighted with an angled handle to stop them from rolling around and like their predecessors they are colour coded but this time in a much more chic colour scheme; silver, gold and rose gold. The brushes look and feel more luxurious to warrant the higher price tag. 

The flat contour brush was the brush I was most excited to try because I really liked the look of the brush. The bristles are tightly packed and dense making it easy to apply product into the hollows of your cheeks but I find this brush isn't the easiest to blend with so I prefer to add the product with this brush but blend it with another, the flat contour brush can also double up as a foundation brush as it's good at buffing the foundation in. I found the oval shadow brush to be larger than most eye shadow brushes but it covers the eyes in one sweep, the bristles are soft and the brush is great at applying and blending eye shadow.

Overall the bold metals collection is beautiful and I'm happy with the brushes I've bought, I can't comment on how they wash or wear but I've had no problems with the Real Techniques collections so I can't imagine having any issues with these brushes. I'll be honest they are very pricey for a high street/drugstore brand so I think unless you're really into your make-up and make-up accessories then there not a must as the the regular Real Techniques brushes are just as good.



  1. The contour brush looks so good! Need to invest xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. It really is and its such a gorgeous brush xx


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