Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Don't Judge Challenge

You many have noticed your social media pages have been flooded with short videos hashtagged as #dontjudgechallenge recently, where people are uploading videos of themselves with drawn on spots, acne, missing teeth and uni-brows before covering the camera with their hand and then revealing themselves all made up and looking 'beautiful'.  This challenge has come about after blogger Em Ford of My Pale Skin uploaded this video titled 'You Look Disgusting' the touching video shows both the positive and negative comments she receives depending on how she looks, with makeup she receive lovely comments such as 'you're so perfect' but when she uploads photos of herself without makeup the comments take a drastic change and she receives comments like 'WTF is wrong with her face?' and 'You look disgusting'. I found the you look disgusting video very moving it just shows how we are as society who are so use to seeing imagine of celebrities and people looking amazing and 'perfect' thanks to photoshop, airbrushing and people only showing the good in their life that it's normal to react that way when we see something that isn't 'perfect'.

Em's video has provoked the don't judge challenge which on one hand is great it remind us that everyone has flaws, nobody's perfect and reminds us that nasty comments and judging people helps no ones. It baffles me that society mocks and makes people feel bad for having normal things like acne and stretch marks because we all know that no one has those perfect contoured cheek bones and 'on fleek' eyebrows. What the don't judge challenge fails to do is address the big picture instead of accepting we all have flaws and that no ones 'perfect' I find it picks fun at people, as the 'ugly' at the start of the video is people drawing spots and a uni-brow on with sharpies and it's ridiculing people because they are not real flaws. The flaws they are creating are the problems that many teens and adults suffer with on a daily basis and are some of the reasons people suffer with confidence issues because the media and society dictate what is beautiful and that's not it.

The point of this post was not to moan about the challenge it was to remind people that it's about more than liking and laughing at a video of a person looking 'ugly' who then looks 'amazing', #youlookdisgusting and #dontjudgechallenge should be about challenging our society and media's idea of normal and accepting each other for who we are and what we look like.


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